Yolanda Del Rio

Yolanda Del Rio "La Gran Señora de Mexico"

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One of the most successful ranchera singers, “Yolanda del Río” was born in Pachuca in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico. “Yolanda Del Río” began singing as a child, and performed on radio and at festivals. She made her television debut before she became a teenager, and debuted for RCA Victor after auditioning for A&R director Felipe "El Indio" Jiménez. Within six months of having released, her "La Hija de Nadie" single sold over a million copies and made her a star. She quickly moved her touring base beyond Mexico to the United States, the rest of Central America, and even Europe. The hits kept coming, including "Se Me Olvidó Otra Vez," "Tus Maletas En La Puerta," "Llorar, Llorar, Llorar," and "Camas Separadas," and Del Río eventually sold almost 27 million records around the world. “Yolanda Del Rio” grabbed a Grammy nomination in 1984. By 1977, she'd made the transition to the film world, as well, with the successful vehicle La Hija De Nadie, plus several follow-ups. She continues to record and perform up to the present and conserves a very strong voice. She is currently touring, Watch your city for dates. She is and has become to be known by all her fans as “Yolanda Del Rio, The Great Lady From Mexico”…

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Chiefs Event Center - 777 Bannock Trail, Fort Hall, ID, United States